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International Headlines is a text-only news platform offering a wide range of news stories from around the world.

From breaking news developments to business announcements, tech trends, the latest in arts & culture as well as stories in education, science and the environment – International Headlines produces original content and curates popular topics of debate in the media today.

A text-first news experience

With a majority of news websites today prioritizing multimedia with highly visual content, a growing number of internet users have been asking in forums and on social media in recent years whether there are any text-only alternatives remaining.

Our mission

International Headlines has been designed from the ground up to deliver a modern, text-only service for readers that want an easy reading experience across any device, without advertising, multimedia content or pop ups. Our focus is to make news accessible, wherever readers are in the world.

Being a text-only news website, we have also developed our platform to make it lighting fast in different parts of the world. With its small loading size, and built using the AMP HTML framework for mobile, International Headlines is among the web’s fastest news sites, and provides readers with limited internet access the opportunity to discover stories and emerging trends without paywalls or restrictions. (All content can be viewed freely. No subscription required.)


Why do you have a thumbnail image on your stories in news archives?

This is required in order to publish our content externally on other platforms including social media, which recommend a default thumbnail. However news articles on our platform will not have any images in the body of the story.

How long does it take your site to load?

Our site has been designed for simplicity and low latency. In North America, a full page load is approximately 550ms or less on a good connection, depending on where you are. In Europe, this is 900ms on average.

What kind of internet connection do I need?

The typical page size of a single article including all elements (our subscribe banner and author thumbnail included) is around 500kb in total (although we are working to reduce this size further). We recommend a minimum connection speed of 1mbps and above for optimal load speed.

Can I advertise on International Headlines?

Yes. We have a text-only press release service which you can explore here.