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Hertility partners with Pearl & Dean for the launch of #MeToo film, ‘She Said’, to rally women in the UK for the next women’s rights movement, the Reproductive Revolution

(PRESS RELEASE) LONDON – Women’s health company Hertility’s award-winning film, ‘Ooh Someone’s Hormonal,’ spotlighted the lack of research on women’s bodies and called out society for using women’s hormones against them. Now, they’re teaming up with Pearl & Dean, the UK’s best-known cinema advertising contractor, to take the “Mother of all movements” to the next level in a bid to urge millions of women across the UK to get to know their bodies.

For 5 weeks from November 25th, ‘Ooh Someone’s Hormonal,’ created by female-founded creative content agency Be The Fox, will be shown before every screening of ‘She Said’ in Pearl and Dean cinemas nationwide, the film starring Carey Mulligan and directed by Maria Schrader telling the story of the #MeToo movement.

Founded by women and powered by an (all female) research team, Hertility is setting a new standard of scientific rigour in female health by empowering women with information about exactly what’s going on under their skin using at-home diagnostic testing, telemedicine and treatment. By joining forces with cinema ad sales firm Pearl & Dean, the partnership aims to fuse science and art in the fight for equality.

‘The #MeToo movement was such a huge step forwards in women’s rights but from a reproductive perspective, women are still second class citizens. We want to inspire women watching ‘She Said’ to join us in our fight in the next revolution – the Reproductive Revolution – by getting to know their bodies and taking control of their life choices. For themselves and for all women worldwide.’ – Dr Helen O’Neill, CEO and Founder of Hertility

Carey Mulligan, has spoken openly about the lack of support for women in the film industry but as a middle finger to the male-dominated Harvey Weinstein era, ‘Ooh Someone’s Hormonal’, produced by female-led production company, Be The Fox, shows Hollywood how it’s done. Echoing the equality seen in the production of ‘She Said’, the female-powered cast and crew of ‘Ooh Someone’s Hormonal’ worked to the soundtrack of female artist Rebecca Taylor of Self-Esteem, complete with childcare on set, changing the outdated landscape and showing what’s possible when women, fully supported, come together.

Diana Ellis Hill, Co-Founder, Be The Fox comments: “Empowering women and having true representation is an important cause that’s close to our hearts. We gathered a 80% female team to make the film from DOP and Director to Editor and Colourist as we wanted it to be real and authentic. We are immensely proud of what’s been produced and to see our film on screens at cinemas nationwide ahead of She Said.”

Kathryn Jacob OBE, CEO at Pearl & Dean, said: “Cinema is a unique advertising medium in the sense that it is both a personal and shared experience. Cinema has the power to truly reach an individual, and to speak to them one on one, as well as spark a conversation. We are honoured to be working with Hertility to launch its first ever cinema campaign and to be a part of helping to better articulate an important issue that is often hidden or ignored by wider society.”

About Hertility

Hertility is a female health company supporting women from menstruation through menopause with comprehensive at-home testing, telemedicine and treatment. Until now, people with ovaries have been underserved by the healthcare system, so we gathered the best minds in female health and dedicated years to building our award-winning alternative clinical experience.

Hertility has pioneered the most accurate diagnostic tool in female health to finally give women clarity into what’s going on in their bodies. Currently, in just 10 days, they can provide advanced insights into reproductive health, fertility decline and the onset of menopause as well as screening for 18 reproductive health conditions. Hertility’s clinical trials aim to raise the standard of scientific rigour and education in female health to radically reduce the time to diagnosis and fast-track women to specialist care sooner.

About Be The Fox

Be The Fox is a creative content agency with film at its heart. It is LGBTQ+ founded and female-led, with an aim to ensure diverse voices are represented behind the camera as well as in front of it. Co-founders Meg and Diana started Be The Fox in 2013 after meeting in the documentary department of the BBC, working on the BAFTA award winning series Horizon then had an ambition to start their own production agency. Over the last nine years they have used their editorial experience to tell stories for brands and built a team of ambitious, creative problem solvers working for bold clients. Last year Be The Fox was named in Creative Pool’s top 10 production agencies.

About Pearl & Dean

Pearl & Dean is the UK’s best-known cinema advertising contractor. Representing a wide range of cinemas, with multiplex chains offering landmark locations throughout the UK & Ireland including Showcase, Empire, Movie House, and Omniplex sites. Its iconic theme tune, Asteroid, evokes an instant aroma of popcorn and fun.

Pearl & Dean also represents the majority of the independent exhibition sector, with a portfolio of quality circuits such as Everyman, The Light Cinemas, Scott Cinemas, Northern Morris and WTW Cinemas as well as independently operated cinemas, drive-in cinemas and outdoor experience cinemas like The Luna Cinema, each offering individuality and often a specialist audience.

Pearl & Dean’s cinemas offer a varied schedule of programming – from the latest blockbusters through to classic and art-house movies to alternative content such as live opera or concerts. All of this enables Pearl & Dean to offer advertisers precise targeting of either specific demographics or the population as a whole, in an environment where advertisers can showcase brands to a relaxed and captive audience.