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NHS IT systems at risk due to tech overload for healthcare professionals – study

LONDON – According to a recent research of healthcare professionals by Zivver, a leader in secure communication solutions, healthcare organisations run the risk of data breaches because of excessive investments in new technology, which are raising stress levels and email errors.

The study, which surveyed employees and IT leaders to look at the current state of digital security for healthcare organisations, is one of the largest independent studies on safe digital communications and workplace productivity in the UK healthcare industry.

In their healthcare organisation and, for the NHS, across wider integrated care systems, Zivver discovered that professionals are feeling overloaded by the rising amount of digital communications (ICS). While putting money into many new channels could be seen as progressive, the plethora of new technology is disturbing healthcare personnel’ processes and productivity. 51% of healthcare workers say their communication channels have grown over the past two years, and 31% believe new communications have a negative influence on their ability to concentrate and perform at their best.

Healthcare professionals may feel overrun by options and unsure of the right approach. As a result, individuals experience stress and are more prone to send emails that contain mistakes that could lead to a data breach. According to the study, in the last two years, 30% of healthcare professionals submitted the incorrect attachment, 27% accidentally pushed respond, and 20% transmitted critical material over email that they definitely shouldn’t have.