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Phantom Space tasked to launch new CubeSat satellites for NASA

TUCSON, Arizona – In accordance with the new VADR contract, Phantom Space Corp. announced today that it has been given four additional NASA task orders to launch CubeSat satellites into orbit.

The purpose of NASA’s VADR missions, which stand for Venture-class Acquisition of Dedicated and Rideshare missions, is to support the development of new launch vehicles from both up-and-coming and existing launch providers while simultaneously meeting the agency’s demands for NASA payloads. In order to achieve cheaper launch costs with payloads that can accept a higher risk tolerance, VADR uses less NASA control and much lower launch costs. This promotes access to space.

The NASA CubeSats will be among the initial payloads when the business launches its maiden space missions in 2024.

The two-stage Daytona rocket from Phantom, which is 18.7 metres (61 feet) tall and can launch satellites as heavy as 450 kg (990 pounds) into low-Earth orbit, will carry the CubeSats into space.