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Searches for hybrid work rise 30% in the UK according to new research

NEWCASTLE, UK – Without a doubt, the epidemic has influenced how the UK workforce views work. Professionals want their employers to adopt a best-of-both-worlds model in place of the conventional in-office 9-5 workday. For instance, 32% of financial professionals would contemplate quitting their job if they were required to return to the office full-time, and 82.6% of marketers feel that hybrid working is crucial to them, to name a few.

It may not be surprising that workers are looking for information regarding hybrid work given that three out of five UK CEOs anticipate a permanent return to the office. According to a recent analysis by Frank Recruitment Group, searches for this subject have surged by 30% over the previous 12 months, with terms like “hybrid jobs” and “hybrid roles” ranking among the top ten.

In addition, the study indicated that from December to January of last year, searches for hybrid employment increased by 46%. This shows that workers used the start of the year as an opportunity to look for a job with more flexible benefits, and since there are no indications that the debate over returning to the office will be resolved any time soon, we may anticipate the same trend as we move into 2023.

According to Frank Recruitment Group President Zoe Morris, “it’s clear that adopting a more flexible working model is a sure way to attract and retain employees in the face of The Great Resignation.” On the other hand, spending a few days at work can be quite beneficial for learning and growth. According to Morris, having a balance between working from home and working in an office makes it easier for coworkers to share and absorb knowledge, particularly if they are just starting their careers and need to improve their skills. Additionally, it might provide workers a stronger sense of belonging right away.