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NHS UK leader expresses concern for worn-out workforce ahead of busy winter

LONDON – According to recent data, the NHS lost almost 360,000 days last week as a result of staff illness or self-isolation brought on by Covid. Sir James Mackey, the chief executive of Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, has publicly expressed his concern for the wellbeing of employees working in the social care and health sectors.

Sir James paints a picture of a very exhausted workforce under relentless pressure that is “never-ending” in a new podcast series exploring the major issues facing people working in healthcare at every level. This is in the midst of warnings that the country is now threatened by a “tripledemic” threat from COVID, flu, and record demand on emergency services.

He continues by emphasising how crucial it is to take steps to ensure that NHS employees’ wellness is adequately maintained by giving them access to decent rest areas, psychological support, and counselling as needed.

Sir James cites the Trust’s recently reopened Health and Wellbeing centre as an excellent illustration of what can be done to support a worn-out and overworked workforce. The facility includes a gym, cafe, and plenty of free space for people to sit and work together, study, or just have some quiet time.

On other episodes of the Newcross Healthcare Voices of Care podcast, Sir James discusses how to further decrease NHS wait times, how to guarantee that patients and staff have the best experience possible, and the significance of recognising and applauding accomplishments made in the health and social care industry.