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Think Big, Act Wild – new Rewilding Challenge Fund to award £100k to large-scale rewilding projects

LONDON – Rewilding Britain, a charity, is launching a significant new annual fund to address the environment and climate problems, with £100,000 to be awarded to one significant rewilding initiative each year.

The Rewilding Challenge Fund was established to support innovative and trailblazing projects that have the greatest potential for expanding rewilding on land and at sea. It welcomes candidates from across Britain to “Think Big, Act Wild.”

The demand for large-scale rewilding initiatives is increasing, which has led to the creation of the noteworthy new award. Rewilding is becoming more recognised as a critical strategy for addressing the nature and climate emergencies, with numerous advantages for people, including chances for a natural-based economy.
Sara King, Rewilding Manager at Rewilding Britain, said: “We are absolutely delighted to launch the Rewilding Challenge Fund under the heading ‘Think Big, Act Wild’. We’re looking to scale-up rewilding – a vital step if Britain is to achieve the goal of major nature restoration across 30% of the country’s land and seas by 2030.
“We’re really keen to hear from community groups who can join together to bid for ambitious, large-scale rewilding projects, as well as from the managers and users of large areas of land and sea.”
Rewilding is the process of extensively restoring nature such that it can once again sustain itself. It entails reintroducing natural processes and, when necessary, lost native species.

Rewilding 30% of Britain’s land and waters should have significant nature recovery by 2030, including 5% of the nation’s core rewilding areas of native woodland, peatland, grassland, wetlands, rivers, and coastal areas, with no loss of arable land.

In order to show the growing support for rewilding and its enormous potential to assist Britain in reversing nature loss and meeting its climate ambitions, the charity is introducing its Rewilding Challenge Fund in advance of the key UN biodiversity summit COP15 in December.