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Angelina Jolie steps down as UNHCR Special Envoy after 20 years

LONDON – Angelina Jolie is stepping down from her position as UNHCR’s Special Envoy to focus on a wider range of humanitarian and human rights concerns after more than 20 years of devoted and passionate service advocating for the rights and protection of forcibly displaced people around the world.

Jolie, one of the most well-known advocates for refugee rights, will keep pushing for the development of an international order that is more equitable, just, and inclusive. She intends to work more closely with regional organisations and engage with a larger range of actors on a wider range of humanitarian challenges at a time when the globe is dealing with complicated, multifaceted, and interlinked crises. Her work will still focus on forced displacement and refugee challenges.

Since 2001, Ms. Jolie has collaborated with UNHCR; in 2012, she was named Special Envoy. She has played a crucial role, using her strong voice to advocate for refugees, raise public awareness of their plight, and demand quick solutions. Jolie has put in a lot of effort over the past 21 years, participating on more than 60 field missions to witness tales of pain as well as stories of hope and resiliency.

Most recently, she travelled to Yemen and Burkina Faso with UNHCR to meet displaced people struggling in two of the world’s most underfunded and underreported situations.