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Acre NY’s New York Real Estate Investment Summit brings leaders together to discuss future of housing

NEW YORK – Real estate investors frequently ask, “What does the future hold for the New York Real Estate sector?” and Acre NY set out to provide an answer at its recent Real Estate Investment Summit in NYC. At the same time that the Federal Reserve raised interest rates and inflation is at its highest level in decades, the summit provides an opportunity for those in the real estate sector to network more widely, share information, encourage collaboration, and aid investors in determining the best course for real estate investment in the unique market situation of 2022 and 2023. Over 150 people from various real estate industries, including but not limited to developers, banks, legal firms, real estate investment businesses, real estate brokers, title agencies, and media companies, attended the conference.

What Holds the Future for the New York Real Estate Industry? was the topic of the summit’s first panel discussion. Tony Hadi, founder of Silverline Group, Ron Liu, vice president of Crosscountry Mortgage, Gennady Litvin, associate attorney at Moshes Law P.C., Grace King, vice president of Morgan Stanley’s New York headquarters, and Cathy Huang, creator of Acre NY, were the panel’s five special guest speakers. What will the real estate market look like in 2023?

The benefits and drawbacks of buying a foreclosure, and other current subjects that real estate professionals have been worried about were some of the topics covered by the conference’s attending five guest speakers.