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Fashion and clothing designer Isaac Moore set to launch new designer bags on new “Box Experience” tour

HOUSTON, Texas – Isaac Moore launched the business Isaac and Moore in 2005, and it has excelled ever since. Among other things, Isaac and Moore sells fashionable apparel, handbags, and backpacks. Although the company is based in Houston, Texas, famous people all around the world have been spotted carrying the brand. The present box is a whole experience, and the design is distinctive beyond the contents. Four sides of the box are customizable with the customer’s accomplishments, favourite memories, and/or favourite colours.

There have been many designer products since 2005, including a lime green Isaac and Moore backpack. As a result of the high demand for the product, influencers including Pastor Smokie Norful, Vivica Foxx, Drake, Antonio Brown, DJ Khaled, and others went on a gifting tour.

Beginning on December 15th, 2022, Isaac will launch his third tour and travel the nation offering a small group of people new designs and new box experiences. He intends to include HBCUs, student designers, and significant changemakers in this journey.