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Double Academy Award winner Paul Franklin’s and Wilder Films’ tense thriller Fireworks accelerates virtual production

LONDON – Fireworks, a suspenseful thriller from director Paul Franklin and Wilder Films, reveals the potentially life-altering choices that power players can make. Starring in the movie are Ivanno Jeremiah, Denise Gough, and Charlotte Riley (Press, Wuthering Heights) (Humans, Black Mirror).

The LED screen generates a believable three-dimensional image on set that varies as the camera moves in this live-action short film, one of the first to take Virtual Production to a new level. You have the impression that you are actually there, in the setting. With a level of realism and scale that was previously impractical, the image on the screen becomes a seamless extension of the actual set.

With an MI6 operation underway on an active target the other side of the world, London-based Ops Leader GILLIAN LYE and her team are forced to make tough decisions. State of the art virtual production technology brings to life the blurred images on the MI6 screens, and we see the real, innocent people who may become collateral damage.

Double Academy Award winner Paul Franklin began as an editor, Paul then gravitated toward the newly emerging field of digital visual effects. In 1998 Paul co-founded Double Negative Visual Effects, the London-based studio which has since grown to be one of the world’s largest providers of feature film VFX. With over 30 feature film credits, Paul’s work in VFX ranges from low-budget indie films to summer tentpole action movies. In 2003 Paul began his long-running collaboration with director Christopher Nolan, creating visual effects for all three of Nolan’s Dark Knight films, Inception and, most recently, Interstellar. He won Oscars and BAFTAs for Inception in 2010 and Interstellar in 2014 as well as numerous other awards. Paul’s debut film as a director The Escape, starring Art Malik, Olivia Williams and Julian Sands, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and went on to screen at film festivals around the world.

BAFTA Award-winning producer Annalise Davis has worked on movies like The Railway Man (with Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman) and Up There (winner of Best Independent Film at SBIFF, and Best Film and Best Director Scottish BAFTAs). She has received numerous honours for her short films, including Best British Film at EIFF and a nomination for the Palme d’Or in the Official Competition at Cannes.

The author of Fireworks is Steven Lally (Strike Back, Deep State). The BAFTA-winning film and television production firm Wilder Films places a strong emphasis on producing tales with a female protagonist.

Their films have screened in official competition at film festivals across the world, including Cannes and Venice, and have been nominated for Royal Television Society and Palme d’Or Awards. In addition to Best Independent Film at the SBIFF and Special Jury Mentions at Alcine and Curto Circuito, they have earned BAFTA (Scotland) awards. The funding for this movie came from Story Futures Academy, Wilder Films, Epic, Dimension, DNeg, and Lipsync.